Properly Caring for Your New Tattoo

Tattoo cares commences soon after the artist is through with their work. They wrap the area in a bandage or foil to be removed once you are home. It is then up to you to do some cleaning with some fragrance-free antibacterial soap. Later on, you can get the best lotion for tattoos to ensure proper skin hydration during the healing period.

Properly Caring for Your New Tattoo

Bandage Removal

As indicated, this is the very first step towards tattoo healing. Some fluids may come out during removal but that is normal. Make sure your hands are clean before proceeding to clean your tattoo using antibacterial fragrance-free soap. Then, rinse off and let dry or pat with some paper towel. At this point, no moisturizers should be used. After 3-5 days or a week, scabbing will take place. The size of the scab depends on the skin composition as well as the tattoo size. While it might be tempting, avoiding picking at the scabs. Tight clothing should also be avoided as it would brush on the scabs. During this period, sunlight and too much water should be avoided.

Proper Tattoo Wash

Most people urge the use of lukewarm water in tattoo cleaning. Excessively hot water would irritate the skin while cold water does not do much towards ridding off germs. Once your hands are clean, apply some of the recommended soap, and rub the tattooed area gently. During the cleaning process, make sure the tattoo does come into direct contact with running water. Instead, splash water over the tattooed area as direct contact may be too harsh for newly tattooed skin. Should the tattoo cover quite a significant area of your body, washing it in the shower would be easier and more effective.

Air dry your Tattoo

After proper wash, the tattoo should dry out on its own or with the help of a paper towel. Other towels easily carry germs and that would be bad for the tattoo healing process. When using the paper towel, do not rub as it could cause irritation. After drying out, the tattoo should be left uncovered for 20-60 minutes for proper aeration, which enhances healing. Allow some breathing time after every clean, and your will love the results.

Properly Caring for Your New Tattoo

Moisturizing the Tattooed Area

After some time, your tattoo will start feeling quite dry and somehow stretched out. Then, you can apply an alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-greasy moisturizer. Apply a thin layer by rubbing the lotion gently on the tattooed area. Too much of it would mean excess moisture, hampering the healing process as a result. Should the skin itch, wash off immediately and cease usage. Probably, the moisturizer used contained some of the prohibited components. Application of moisturizers should go on 1-2 times daily as soon as the area feels dry after a wash. Petroleum based products are to be avoided as they clog skin pores. They could also draw out the tattoo ink, causing the tattoo to fade out quickly.

Keep Washing and Moisturizing

While washing times are informed by the amount of activity, one should not wash the tattooed area too much. Also, the areas exposed often to germs might need extra washes per day. The healing process ranges between 3-6 weeks. Skin flakes will be a normal occurrence after some time. Despite the lure, you should not scratch or pick. Let them come out naturally so as to avoid scars.


Following the instructions above will lead to results as expected in the long run. Afterwards, you can undertake in other aftercare procedures to keep the tattoo looking vibrant. Such steps include use of recommended moisturizers to keep the tattooed area properly hydrated.